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Beach Ball in Pool

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The Pups program is a shorter swim session held Monday through Friday during our regular swim season. It is designed to help our youngest members gain the skills needed to compete with the Stingrays.

The schedule is set in March of each year, generally starting on Memorial Day.


The Pups are pre-competitive Stingrays.  A swimmer is a Pup if they are 4-5 years old, comfortable in the water, but cannot swim the length of the pool independently.

The Oconee Club Stingrays Pups Program is a 3 week Swim America based Learn-to-Swim program for beginners ages 4 & 5 years old. Our focus is a goal-driven, technique-oriented approach to teach the fundamental elements of swimming. Proper swimming technique is taught in a progressive station format focusing on a single skill at each station, with each station building upon the previous station. The objective of our lessons is to prepare swimmers with the skills needed to join the Stingrays team next year.

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