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Swim meets are fun, but can seem overwhelming. Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. We were all new once!

Helpful Tips

  • Bring a few extra towels, goggles, and caps. Sun screen, bug spray, and Sharpies are useful.

  • Hydrate!!  Encourage your swimmers and family to drink lots of water - it will be hot!

  • Bring snacks for your kids - think healthy and light. Crackers, sandwich meat, cheese, fruit, veggies and hummus, and apples and peanut butter are a few great options.

  • Bring tailgate chairs and a tent if you would like - there can be a lot of sitting around and waiting.

  • It is the swimmer's (or parents for the younger kids) responsibility to get themselves to the bullpen when they are called. Sometimes it is hard to hear, so please listen carefully to the announcements (and check the texts!) so that your swimmer doesn't miss a race.

  • If you are new to the sport, find a friend to hang out with that can help guide you through the first meet.

More Info

Weekly emails are sent during the season to keep you updated on the meets and any team events or concerns. Email our team account with your information if you need to be added.

Required At Meets

  • All swimmers must check in at or before call time at the check in table.

  • If they are going to wear a cap, the swimmers must wear a Navy Blue Team Cap. 

  • All swimmers must wear a team suit at meets.  Past years' suits are acceptable.

  • All swimmers must wear goggles.

  • All families need to fulfil the volunteer requirement.

  • Event, heat, and lane must be written on swimmer's body clearly and name on back right shoulder.

Poster Contest 
Home Meets Only

  1. Make a cool poster to show off your Stingray pride--Please put your name and age group on the back of your poster. 

  2. Bring your poster to the meet for one of the volunteers or coaches to hang up on our fence to showcase it.  

  3. Sometime between warm-up and the halfway point of the meet, the coaching staff will pick 1 winner from the following groups: All 6&Unders + pups // 7-8s // 9-10s // 11-12s // 13-18s.

  4. Winning posters will be tagged with a shiny bluish purple ribbon which they can show to our concession stand for a candy-like prize and bragging rights. 

  5. Everyone takes their posters home.  We will throw away any posters that are not claimed at the end of the meet because we cannot store them!


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